DIY : Heart racer back top // Top dos en coeur

You know when guys say they don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s that day everyday ? Well I guess this is proof they’re right ! I’ve been wanting to do this DIY ever since I pinned a similar top on Pinterest. I think it’s cute and quirky and you can really play with the colours. It’s a sticky job but if you’re more comfortable with a sewing machine it would work just as well and keep your hands clean.

Les mecs disent toujours qu’il n’y a pas besoin de fêter la St Valentin parce que c’est la fête de l’amour tous les jours… En voilà la preuve ! J’avais vu un top de ce genre sur Pinterest et m’étais noté de tenter le coup. C’est un DIY un peu collant, mais si vous êtes à l’aise avec une machine à coudre vous pourrez le réussir sans vous mettre de la colle plein les mains !

To make your own DIY Heart Racer Back top, YOU WILL NEED :

Pour faire ton propre top dos en coeur, IL TE FAUDRA :

– A racer back top / Un débardeur

– Sharp scissors / Un ciseau bien coupant

– Approx. 3m binding / Env. 3m de biais

– Fabric glue / De la colle à tissu

– A cheesy album to listen to / Un album nunuche à écouter

1 : Fold your top in half so that both armholes and both side stitches are on top of each other. Cut half a heart out of the folded fabric, so that when the tee-shirt is unfolded you have cut out a heart.

/ Plier ton top en deux afin que les coutures des côtés s’alignent parfaitement l’une sur l’autre. Découper un demi coeur dans le tissu plié, pour qu’une fois déplié ton top ait un coeur déplié en plein milieu du dos.

2 : Spread fabric glue along the first section of binding and sandwich the cut fabric inside the binding. Fold the sticky binding around the raw edge. Add more glue to the next section and continue all the way around. You might like to cut your binding half way to get a nice sharpe edge on the “V” of the heart.

/ Mettre de la colle à tissu sur la première partie du biais et mettre le tissu coupé en sandwich dans le biais. Replier le biais sur le tissu. Ajouter de la colle sur la section suivante et refaire tout autour du coeur. Tu peux couper ton biais au “V” du coeur, pour créer une pointe bien propre.

3 : Glue binding around the sleeves if you wish.

/ Coller du biais autour des bras si souhaité.

There’s something I didn’t tell you… It’s one of those tops you can’t wear with a bra !

Dernier détail… Pas de soutif !

– – – – – –

20 Responses to “DIY : Heart racer back top // Top dos en coeur”

  1. looks amazing wonderful 🙂 I really love it and I will do it!

  2. wow! amazing idea! i love it.

  3. Just posted this on my Tumblr blog and it looks like it’s going to be a really really popular post 🙂 Was already featured in DIY.

  4. You can wear it with a matching bandeau!
    (and you wont look trashy!)

  5. Very cute! But would definitely want a smaller heart 😉

  6. So genius, as is everything else on your blog! You are so creative, it’s incredible.

  7. I started to create this shirt yesterday and cut out the heart, but I’m a bit confused about the glue… can you even wash the top if the binding is fixed with glue? 😀 I never heard of fabric glue, that’s why I don’t trust it… I thought of stitching the binding down, but I don’t have a binding at all… lol

    • Hi Lea, No need to worry, you can wash fabric glue no problem ! The one I used today said it could be machine washed at 40°. If you stick the binding down properly you should have no problem whatsoever. Regarding stitching the binding on, this is indeed a possibility, in fact when I was planning the tutorial I had planned to sew the binding down but then thought gluing would be less of a fiddle ! Hope that helps – good luck !

  8. so cute! but what kind of binding did you use?

  9. do you HAVE to use a razorback? I think it would be a cute suprise with this 3/4 sleeve, button up top I have.

    • Hi Sarah ! You can literally do this onto the back of any garment, just be sure it’s cotton jersey or another type of fabric that will not totally unravel as soon as you snip into it ! Your button up sounds like it would make a cute version, post me a photo on Facebook when you’re done ! Good luck !


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