DIY : Cut & Tie knotted crop top // Tee-shirt brassière customisé

Have you noticed how many raw cut tee’s there are out there this season ? It’s crazy ! And nothing is more DIYable than a simple cut & tie tee ! I have quite a few ideas lined up for you and this one is one of my favorites because its a cross-trender. Yep, crops tops are back but this time without the Spice Girls !

Vous l’avez peut être remarqué, les tee-shirts coupés sont partout cette saison et c’est tant mieux ! Il n’y a rien de plus customisable qu’un tee-shirt tout simplement coupé et noué ! J’ai pas mal d’idées en tête pour ce type de customisation et celui-là fait partie de mes préférés. Il sa rattache à la fois à la mode des tee-shirts coupés ET à la mode des brassières que l’on voit arriver comme à l’époque des Spice Girls !

Here is how to do it yourself :

Toi-même tu sais faire :

Take a simple tank top or vest and cut all the way up to the middle so that the cuts stop just beneath your bust.Cut strands all the way round your tee-shirt and MAKE SURE YOU CUT A PAIR NUMBER of strands ! Once you have cut all around your future crop top and you have it looking like a fringed tee, knot the strands together two by two. Next of all, take one strand out of one knot and another strand out of the next-door knot and knot them together to make a diamond shaped hole. Continue all the away around your vest. Try and keep your knots on neat rows for the best effect. Repeat until you have no space left on your strands to knot another row. Cut off any excess fabric.

Prenez un débardeur simple et coupez le tissu en longueur jusqu’en dessous de la poitrine. Soyez sûr de couper une NOMBRE PAIR de franges. Prenez deux franges côte à côte et nouez les ensemble. Faîtes ainsi le tour du tee-shirt. Faîtes un deuxième rang en prenant une frange dans un noeud et une autre dans le noeud d’à côté, afin de créer un trou en forme de losange. Essayez d’aligner vos noeuds pour faire des rangs bien droits. Répétez jusqu’à ce que vous n’ayez plus de place pour un rang supplémentaire. Coupez le tissu qui dépasse.

And there you have your perfect cut & tie crop top ! La parfaite brassière faîte maison !

– Crop top / Brassière by Clones N Clowns

– Sleeveless denim jacket / Veste en jean sans manches by Clones N Clowns : here / ici

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15 Responses to “DIY : Cut & Tie knotted crop top // Tee-shirt brassière customisé”

  1. This is great! So clever, and very cute! Love it.
    Hannah-Mae xx

  2. love it! x

  3. Don’t think I could rock a crop top, but this is a really great tutorial!

  4. What a cool tutorial – shared it on my facebook:

  5. Hi, I really like your blog especially as I’m a DIY fanatic! This particular one I really liked the idea of it but wasn’t sure how it would look on then I saw the picture of you wearing it and fell in love. I will have to try this. I’ve just started posting DIYs on my blog but haven’t done many yet.

  6. I’m going to do this with a long printed dress and wear a plain coordinating slip underneath! I might just make a skirt or do this to a long sleeve shirt, just at the sleeves and a couple inches up from the bottom of body. Wooohooo.

  7. PERFECT blog 🙂
    I put this tutorial in my blog,I hope you do not mind.


  8. Reblogged this on glittercrisis and commented:
    I just DIYed this – so easy, so fun, so trendy!

    TIP: As you knot, the bottom becomes smaller and smaller, so space your knots carefully. I finished mine and couldn’t get it on over my shoulders haha. Luckily I was able to stretch the bottom a bit to add width.


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