Inspiration Book

Someone once told me to keep a little book on me at all times, so that I can write down any ideas I have when and as they come to me. That person would actually wake up in the night and write a couple of pages, then go back to sleep ! For a long time, although I agreed with the idea, I didn’t actually do it myself. But then came the time when I was fed up of forgetting all these bits and bobs that would pop into my head for a couple of seconds before they popped straight back out never to be visualized again ! And so I purchased a beautiful notebook. Oh yes, Inspiration Books have to be beautiful. Good ideas can’t be written down on loo paper or on a scrappy piece of school jotter never to be read again. Keeping all your precious ideas in one pretty place, a place you will want to go back to when you’re bored or down, that’s what an Inspiration Book is all about. On a rainy day, on the last day of your holiday, for a birthday or a special event, just go back through the ideas you’ve jotted down and you’ll know exactly what to do ! And because you write with inspiration when you have the ideas, as soon as you read them over you will be reinjected with enthusiasm ! Try it : ) And keep reading my blog.


2 Responses to “Inspiration Book”

  1. NICE idea! Will pass that on to my granddaughter, thank you!


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