Photos & Copyright

Dear readers, supporters, bloggers, DIYers and sharers,

Many of you have blogs of your own, some of you even have well known websites, and if you’re thinking of sharing my content I think that’s wonderful and am very grateful. To illustrate your posts, please feel free to use any of my before / after / outfit / shopping images. Please remember to always QUOTE THE SOURCE, i.e.

However, in any case, PLEASE DO NOT SHARE MY FULL TUTORIAL IMAGES. If you wish for your readers to get the full thing, please link back to the original post on my blog and encourage your readers to come and see it here where it belongs.

This also goes for any social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

If you have any queries, would like written permission to use any images or would like me to break my own rule because you think you are an exception ; ) please contact me on

Thanks for your understanding and respect. With this said, go and SHARE THE LOVE !

Kind regards


// Seules les images avant / après / outfit / shopping peuvent être reprises. Si vous souhaitez partager les tutos dans leur ensemble, merci de ne pas utiliser mes images, ni d’ailleurs copier mon texte, mais de citer le projet avec un lien vers le post initial sur mon blog. Merci de prendre ces restrictions en compte quel que soit votre média (même les médias sociaux). Pour toute question, permission écrite ou pour tenter de me faire changer d’avis à titre exceptionnel ; ) contactez-moi sur Merci !

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