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May 31, 2012

DIY : Union Jack Cut Off Shorts

As I explained yesterday before blinging up some glitzy accessories, I’m going for a rock chick look this bank holiday week-end and will be attending the Battersea Jubilee party in my DIY outfit. However, a national holiday look would be incomplete without the good old Union Jack ! I thought of a few different DIYs included the flag, like a union jack tutu skirt or maxi skirt or even a union jack onesie ! I finally decided to go for a rough print union jack printed on some cut-offs jeans – a pair I might even wear over the summer, especially during the Olympic events. If you fancy making yourself a pair, you’ll find it’s more than easy – give it a go !

To make a pair of Union Jack Cut Off Shorts, YOU WILL NEED :

– A pair of jeans cut into shorts, a pair of denim shorts or any other blue shorts

– Red and White/Silver acrylic paint

– A sponge (mine was approx 7x6cm)

– About 10min to paint + 24h to dry

Here is how to do it yourself  (if you’re confused about which sponge size is which, read the steps below too) :

1 : Cut off your shorts if needed

2 : Cover the whole sponge in white/silver paint and stamp a cross on the whole of the shorts. Add extra paint to the sponge when needed. Don’t worry about the printing being irregular, it’s that rough effect we’re going for !

3 : Cut your sponge 1/3 * 2/3 so that you end up with two unequal sponges.

4 : Cover the larger sponge of the two new sections with white/silver paint and paint a slanted cross over the top of the first cross.

5 : Cover the same sponge in red paint and make your vertical/horizontal cross over the top of the white one.

6 : Use the smaller sponge section, cover it in red paint and make your second slanted cross over the top of the white one.

7 : Leave to dry and wear in style : )

Note : acrylic paint doesn’t come off in the wash ! But if you want to keep your union jack looking good wash as little as possible and try to hand wash – either way though, I’m afraid they will not last forever !

So I’m nearly ready for the Jubilee festivities…

Check in tomorrow to see what I’ll be wearing on top !

Edit : See my Facebook page for a peek at the DIY top I made with Lydia Leith‘s Jubilee bird design !

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May 30, 2012

DIY : Jubilee Diamonds and BLING GALORE !

The time has come : the Jubilee is on its way ! Apart from the joy of a four day bank holiday week-end, I reckon this Jubilee thing is going to be excitingly dazzling, delicious and FUN ! It’s definitely the perfect opportunity for DIYing, dressing up and wearing horrendously over-the-top bling.

I, amongst thousands of other overexcited Englishmen, will be attending the Battersea festival on Sunday, hoping to eat me some fine Victoria Sponge whilst people watching. The organisers are encouraging attendees to dress up for the occasion and there will even be a catwalk for the best dressed. I’m not so sure I want to strut my stuff in front of the whole of England but I’ll definitely have my camera out taking shots of who I think has a look fit for a queen’s anniversary !

As for my own outfit, I’ve decided to go for what I call a “Diamond in the Rough” look. This means I’m taking the whole Diamond Jubilee event with a bit of attitude and will be bearing sparkling bling DIYed in this very post along with a rock ‘n’ roll tee you’ll discover in a couple of days – and maybe a few other bits and bobs you’ll just have to wait and find out about (…meaning I haven’t decided what yet but it’s sure to be blingilicious).

Here goes the Jubilee bling tutorial which basically shows you how to cover whatever you can find in glue and glitter ! I used Modpodge because it’s PERFECT for sticking anything to clothes and accessories as well as tiny silver sequins to give the glitz that extra chunk and rock-star look. If you’re either particularly careful or particularly clumsy, you may like to use masking tape to cover up any part of your jewelry or shoes you do not want covering in sequins. Rip it off when the glue is dry.

The result is fab :

No – you’re not going to get any photos of me wearing them until D Day ! I’ll be taking photos of all my fav’ peeps and outfits at Battersea Park and will upload them to my Facebook page in a beautifully patriotic album named “HB Liz”… And you’ll find out why very soon !

Finally, may I introduce you to my new Jubilee friend, Mister Corny the Corgi : )

– Temp’ tattoo by Lydia Leith

– Dress by Petit Bateau (2011)

See you tomorrow for some more Jubilee DIY tutorials !


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April 17, 2012

DIY : Net & Feather Fascinator headband // Bandeau à Plume & Tulle

I could start this post introducing wedding season. But I’m not invited to any weddings. I could also talk about the approach of the Jubilee, but I should probably keep that one for a month. How about the fact that hair accessories are becoming more and more extravagant by the minute ?! Now that’s more like it ! I don’t think this DIY should be specific to weddings or Jubilees, I think you should pull it off on an ordinary night out ! That’s partly why I think having a fascinator on a headband makes it more fun, you can wear it like a hairband but also like a hippy, or even wrap your hair up inside it for more of a post-war look.

Je devrais commencer ce poste à parler de l’approche des mariages ou du Jubilee.. Mais je trouve que les accessoires de cheveux deviennent tellement plus extravagant chaque année que ce type de bandeau peut désormais être porté pour une simple soirée ! Le bandeau remplace le serre-tête pour une utilisation plus adaptable, autour des cheveux en hippy ou même avec les cheveux enroulés façon post-guerre.

To make your own Net & Feather Fascinator Headband, YOU WILL NEED :

Pour créer votre propre Bandeau à Plumes & Tulle, VOUS AUREZ BESOIN DE :

– An elastic headband, make your own here / Un bandeau, suis ce tuto pour le créer toi même

– Net (you can use the net off a bag of lemons !) / Du tulle (ou un sac de citrons !)

– A feather or two / Une ou deux plumes

– Needle & thread / Du fil et une aiguille

– A sprinkle of flatbacks / Quelques strass

– Fabric glue / De la colle à tissu

– A gorgeously red gloss to finish that fancy look / Un rouge à lèvres bien rouge pour parfaire le style !

Do it yourself :

Toi-même tu sais faire :

First of all cut off the ends of your lemon bag. Ruche the net the way you like, so that you have some net coming over your face but also shorter bits closer to the headband. Wrap some cotton tightly around the top of the net where it’s gathered. Sew there gathered net to the headband. Sew or glue your feathers over the top. Add your sparkling flatbacks with a touch of glue. Smother your lips in bright red glamour and pout !

Tout d’abord, coupez votre sac de citrons de chaque côté. Pliez le tulle de la façon que vous souhaitez en essayant d’avoir des morceaux plus longs devant et plus courts sur les côtés. Enroulez le tulle plié avec du coton et coudre sur le bandeau. Coller ou coudre les plumes sur le bandeau par-dessus le tulle. Ajoutez quelques strass à la colle, recouvrez vos lèvres de rouge et jouez la glamour !


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