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July 6, 2012

Lookbook : Nearest thing

Summer style is all about grabbing the nearest thing and throwing it on… right ? I just so happened to be lying next to my neon pink top and bellerinas as well as a perfectly matching skirt ! Luck ! ; )

En été, on met la première chose qui nous tombe sous la main, non ? Il s’avère que je dormais pile à côté de mon top et mes ballerines roses fluo ainsi qu’une jupe parfaitement assortie… Quel heureux hazard ! ; )

– Neon top by H&M

– Aztec skirt / jupe : “Fashion against Aids” by H&M also seen here

– Neon flats / ballerines by GAP

– Sunnies : old ♥

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April 26, 2012

Shopping : My H&M Fashion Against Aids selection

April 26th and I’m online queuing at H&M. The Fashion Against Aids collection came out this morning at 9am and WOW did it go fast. When I managed to actually get online I had to hurry – in fact the top I wanted most sold out whilst in my basket ! Unfair ! Anyway, this is what I managed to grab despite the virtual crowd, for a mere £20.00 and all for a good cause (well, my wardrobe thinks so anyway!).

On est le 26 avril et comme beaucoup je fais la queue en ligne pour le site d’H&M. C’est la sortie de leur collection Fashion Against Aids ce matin et les fringues sont parties à une vitesse incroyable – le top que je voulais par dessus tout a même disparu de mon panier en cours de shopping ! Injuste ! Voilà ce que j’ai réussi à m’approprier malgré la foule virtuelle. Le tout pour seulement £20.00 et surtout pour la bonne cause (selon mon armoire !).

The downside : Delivery isn’t until JUNE ! / Le point négatif : Pas de livraison avant JUIN !

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April 20, 2012

Event : London’s Sustainable Fashion Conference

Today I am attending a conference at the University of the Arts, London, named From Awareness to Action. The talks will be on the subject of sustainable fashion and I’m looking forward to lots of learning and hopefully some networking. Responsable Fashion is a tricky subject, especially as we seem to be seeing things go in the opposite direction : Zara’s 14 collections a year definitely don’t encourage sustainability ! Practicing DIY and being creative with fashion is definitely a good start to becoming fashionably responsible and I hope this blog helps those of you who are interested in sustainable fashion to find alternatives to constant retail therapy whilst feeding your love for clothes ! Seeing how quickly H&M sold out of most of their new Conscious Collection, it seems people are more and more interested in shopping green. Good news : )

I know this isn’t the kind of thing I usually talk about on here but for those of you who are interested, this is a great video produced by EJF – one of the speakers taking part in today’s conference.

The true cost of cotton

If you are in London and are interested in this conference, it is today at 6:30. Click here for more info.


March 6, 2012

Clones and Clowns and Blogs, oh my !

Have you ever wanted to wear something but not “had the guts” ?

Have you ever wondered what other people would think if you did ?

Have you ever looked at someone with admiration and a pinch of jealousy ?

Was it because they were wearing something you would love to wear ? Or was it because they were daring something you would love to dare ?

Have you ever thought you can’t pull it off ?

Have you ever secretly thought it would suit you too ?

Have you ever wished you had more style ?

Have you ever cringed when a friend wants the same top or bag ? Then why do you shop in the same place as them ?

Have you tried anything different ? I repeat. Have you EVER EVEN TRIED something different ?

If your answer to this last question is no, then read my blog. If your answer to this is yes, then please keep it up and read my blog.

I hope that this blog will INSPIRE you.

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March 6, 2012

Canvas in the form of a shoe !

Attention, attention ! H&M have brought out a pair of plain white sneakers – ideal for DIYers like ourselves : ) They’re £9,99 so there’s no worrying about messing it up, just give it your best shot and let me know what you come up with ! You can even try a few pairs at that price – go wild !!

I’ve ordered mine so keep reading to see what I come up with !


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