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June 27, 2012

“Should I DIY” on Pinterest

March 31, 2012

How many wonders can one cavern hold ?

Just when you think you’ve grown up a little, a brand new toy comes along. I’ve been having an amazing time messing around with my Olympus XZ-1 camera this past week and seem to be taking sneaky snaps of everything. Some of them are useless but some of them come out great and I think this was the case for the short set of photos I stole from my local “General Shop”. Isn’t that a great name ?! You wouldn’t really know what is in a “General Shop” unless you walked in, would you ? And to be honest you wouldn’t really walk in unless you were looking for something you had no luck finding in “Specific Shops” ! Well that’s how long it took me to find out what was inside this wonderful trove. To my pleasant surprise I found exactly what I needed and more – teasures untold, thingamabobs, gadgets and whozits galore !

Isn’t it fascinating ?! I could have bought the whole place just so I had time to go through it piece by piece ! Unfortunately, all I needed were a few hooks, and they were just as easy to find as they were to put up !

Bye for now !


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March 29, 2012

Hama Bead Baby

Remember playing with Hama beads ?! Well not everybody grew out of it… I have been messing around with these colourful plastic beads for the last couple of days and have come up with some funky stuff ! The story behind me getting back into this is actually pretty amazing – I recently moved into a new flat and apparently the people who lived here before me were creative fellas ! They left me a whole cupboard of exciting bits and pieces, and a great big box of Hama beads ! Previous tenants, if you are still out there somewhere, THANK YOU !

Have a look at these…


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March 14, 2012

Got to be done !

This is definitely a call for some serious DIY fashion !

– Nicholas Kirkwood, beaded wedges, Spring 2012

Keep reading and I might through some together some time !


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March 14, 2012

DIY idea : Blumarine inspired heels

Designers seem to be making it easy to DIY the latest fashion this year… Take a look at these Blumarine heels ! I’m not so keen on the colourful ones, but the white are rad ! “Like” if you would like a DIY tutorial on how to make your own !

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March 13, 2012

Walk of Fame Wedges

Here is my first DIY post in the Feet category and I have to say I am pretty proud. I have called them my Walk of Fame Wedges, for obvious reasons, and love the way they shine even in day light ! The blue goes with a lot of my clothes and easily suits denim slims. It is also particularly in this summer so I will definitely be getting some use out of these beauties ! They’re high but easy enough to walk in so I will be showing them around London ASAP.


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March 13, 2012

Vote for me 0:)

There is a great competition on the French/German site at the moment, allowing people to create their outfit from a whole wardrobe of clothes and accessories. This is my creation and I would love for you to vote for me ! I went for a glamourous hippy look – I hope you like it.



Have a go at making your own too, it’s free, dead easy and great fun : click here.

Thank you fashionistas.


March 7, 2012

To do list : Lightening shoes !

I keep seeing them everywhere, and just received the daily UO newsletter that made me think, THAT’S IT, I’m getting me a pair of these babies ! So I clicked, and saw the price. The three-figure price. And thought again.

But not to worry, I have scribbled it down in my Inspiration Book and will be planning a DIY session ASAP. Lightening bolt heels it will be !

Here’s a look at the Atalanta Weller ones that have inspired me whilst you wait, available on UO if you can’t wait.

Atalanta Weller heels, UO


P.S. Keep reading my blog.

March 7, 2012

Hula Hair

Yesterday was my very first Hoopdance class in Hackney, and boy was I excited ! I had hula hooped once before, and of course a few times as a child, but apart from that small amount of experience, I was (and still am) a total NEWBIE. The class was super welcoming and I enjoyed myself although I usually tend to have a shy disposition when amongst a new group. To make sure I wasn’t over-timid and did feel confident enough to mingle, I had prepared a special Hula Look for the occasion. I’d done a lot of research about Hooping in London and came to realise that it is a colorful and friendly world. Hoopers do not hesitate to pile on the body glitter or whip out their secret weapon : LED hoops that light up in the dark and create amazingly abstract and temporary art as they dance. On a more regular basis, quirky Hoopers tend to simply wear bright clothes and a massive grin on their face. So I went for that option to start off with.

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March 6, 2012

Clones and Clowns and Blogs, oh my !

Have you ever wanted to wear something but not “had the guts” ?

Have you ever wondered what other people would think if you did ?

Have you ever looked at someone with admiration and a pinch of jealousy ?

Was it because they were wearing something you would love to wear ? Or was it because they were daring something you would love to dare ?

Have you ever thought you can’t pull it off ?

Have you ever secretly thought it would suit you too ?

Have you ever wished you had more style ?

Have you ever cringed when a friend wants the same top or bag ? Then why do you shop in the same place as them ?

Have you tried anything different ? I repeat. Have you EVER EVEN TRIED something different ?

If your answer to this last question is no, then read my blog. If your answer to this is yes, then please keep it up and read my blog.

I hope that this blog will INSPIRE you.

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