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April 9, 2012

DIY : Easter Ribbon Hair Pin

There’s just something about Easter Egg ribbon… It always makes the perfect bow !


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April 9, 2012

DIY : Homemade Bath Bomb // Boule de Bain Maison

Somedays, DIYing just doesn’t go according to plan. Today was one of those days. You know what it’s like, however hard you try, however many projects you try to get stuck into… It’s just not gonna happen ! So I decided to give up on the millions of marvelous things I had to show you today and go and get me some pampering ! But of course Creativity kicks back in when you least expect it and I ended up making something after all. I had a beautifully relaxing bath with this Homemade Bath Bomb and just had to share it ! The oats are great for a soft soothing bathe and the lavender smells delicious even though the flowers aren’t out yet ! The salt will help with any aches or pains and the rest just makes you feel special ! The perfect end to a long week-end ♥

Le DIY, ça ne se passe pas toujours comme prévu. J’ai entamé dix mille projets divers aujourd’hui… Et tous ont échoué. J’avais décidé d’abandonner lorsque soudain… Madame Créativité fait son retour ! J’ai donc fabriqué cette petite Boule de Bain Maison pour prendre un somptueux bain de fin de week-end. Les flocons d’avoine font une eau laiteuse et douce pour hydrater tout le corps. La lavande sent super bon, malgré le fait que les fleurs ne soient pas encore sorties. Le sel aide à détendre les muscles et le reste c’est pour se sentir comme une princesse !

Here’s how to do it yourself :

Toi-même tu sais faire :

Until tomorrow, sleep tight : )


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March 7, 2012

Hula Hair

Yesterday was my very first Hoopdance class in Hackney, and boy was I excited ! I had hula hooped once before, and of course a few times as a child, but apart from that small amount of experience, I was (and still am) a total NEWBIE. The class was super welcoming and I enjoyed myself although I usually tend to have a shy disposition when amongst a new group. To make sure I wasn’t over-timid and did feel confident enough to mingle, I had prepared a special Hula Look for the occasion. I’d done a lot of research about Hooping in London and came to realise that it is a colorful and friendly world. Hoopers do not hesitate to pile on the body glitter or whip out their secret weapon : LED hoops that light up in the dark and create amazingly abstract and temporary art as they dance. On a more regular basis, quirky Hoopers tend to simply wear bright clothes and a massive grin on their face. So I went for that option to start off with.

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