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March 30, 2012

Spring Shades

Do you ever find that you have two items that suit each other so well and yet by essence cannot be worn together ? It happens to me so often and these two new pairs of Spring sunglasses are the perfect example. Don’t they look amazing together ?!                         Image

Mint is everywhere at the moment, a real Twenty-Twelver. You may have seen byebyesoccermom’s DIY leather mint belt featured in Chic Steal’s links of the week (along with my Walk of Fame wedges !) or maybe you noticed it’s right there every time you click on, up in the top right corner. And red ? Well, red’s a staple. And the sexy shade is definitely enjoying the pastel phase fashion is going through this year because it stands out more than ever ! I’m consciously influenced by current trends and think these colours look grand together, but the problem with these glasses is I will always have to pick one or the other…



By the way, did you notice my bright blue shelf ? I told you I was DIYing my new flat at the moment… Well this particular creation was made from a drawer I found in the street, a can of blue spray paint and a couple of belts : ) Ya like ?


Mint shades – Bought at local RSPCA charity shop

Red ❤ shades – Bought in a touristy shop on Oxford Street

Blue spray paint – Deep Ocean Homebase

Belts – Golddigga

Wow, what a difference it makes using a real camera – this blog is on FIRE !

Thanks for visiting and see you back here very soon !


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March 20, 2012

Slave 4 U – DIY Twin Cuffs

One of the biggest trends this S/S is the metal cuff. And even bigger than the metal cuff is the PAIR of metal cuffs.

I call them slave cuffs and they are definitely a Fashion Must-Have this summer, they’re everywhere, on everyone, and best of all, they look RAD.

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March 12, 2012

10 photos of Paris my way

I often travel to Paris and so don’t necessarily visit all the expected spots when I’m there. This time I actually would have liked to visit the Tim Burton exhibition, but unfortunately didn’t have time. I did make the most of my stay, however, in my own special way !

I arrived in the evening and shot straight off for my favorite walk from Paris 3ème (photo 1) all the way to Opéra Garnier (photo 2). I then grabbed something to eat in a nearby sea-food restaurant (check out their takeaway booth photo 3). Then I did some nighttime shopping in Monoprix – Mavala top-up time (photos 4) ! The next day I took a stroll across the center at dawn, loving having the city all to myself (photo 5). I even came across a “pop up shop” (photo 6). What a good idea to give smaller brands a bigger chance : ) I came across some beautiful street art that morning too (photos 7, 8, 9) and bought some delish choccy from Newtree (photo 10).


Photo 1 : The twilight buzz near Grands Boulevards…

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