DIY Pearl hair piece

Pearls are sprinkled everywhere this year, pretty and precious. Chanel’s inspiring Karl Lagerfeld included a large number of pearls in his S/S 12 fashion shows and often times these were used to embellish the models’ hair-do’s. I will be doing some simple pearl hair-pins for you soon, but after so long off DIYing, I felt like making something a little more creative this time… So, I had a good dig around and sorted through the numerous pearl beads I had stashed away :

Realizing I had many different shapes and forms of pearl beads, I decided to make an elaborate pearl hair piece : )

To make your own Pearl Hair Piece, YOU WILL NEED :

– A selection of pretty pearls

– Some waxed bead thread

– A hair grip

– A bobby pin

– Fabric glue

– A couple of hours’ creativeness

– A calm classical piece of music for extra inspiration

Here goes the tutorial :

First of all, tie your bead thread to the hair grip. You don’t have to use every hole, depending on how large your beads are. Push your beads up the thread, one strand after the other, making them shorter towards the top and slightly longer towards the bottom for extra shape. Tie the other end of the thread to the bobby pin. Double knot. Cut off the remaining thread and use fabric glue or craft glue to glue a few pearls over the top of the grip to hide the holes and knots. There you have it !

And the result :

Hope you like it ! Keep reading,


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8 Responses to “DIY Pearl hair piece”

  1. Great work, it came out beautifully!

  2. What if i cant find a hair clasp? Do you think this could work if i glued a bunch of bobby pins together?

    • Hi Angie,
      Good point 😉 I would say that if you don’t have a clasp maybe even skip to glue idea and have your strands of beads all on one bobby pin on one end (just like my version) and then each on their own bobby pin at the other end. Then you can just push your pins in to your hair with a little space in between each one – that should recreate the clasp effect. Make sure the pins slide in under your hair so that they don’t lose the classy look.
      Let me know how it goes !

  3. Cool! I made the chain on on The Beauty Department, and I think the pearls look nice too!

  4. The bobby pins didnt work =[ i’ll just buy a hair clasp online. lol


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