DIY Blackboard Tote

Tote bags : a friendly fashion. Easy to use, cool to carry and fun to DIY – what more could you ask for ? I bought a bunch of plain totes on The Clever Baggers recently (gotta love the name !) and spent yesterday morning DIYing one to bring along with me on my week-end wanders. Having recently bought blackboard paint for a practical kitchen board, I decided to have a go at making a customizable tote, one that would change its mood as much as I do ; )

To make your own Blackboard Tote, YOU WILL NEED :

– A plain tote, you can buy one on for about £2.00, Amercian Apparel do a good quality canvas bag too.

– A splash of Blackboard paint, easily bought in your local DIY or general shop

– A reasonably large paintbrush

– An A4 sized board (wood, cardboard, plastic…)

– A piece of chalk

– A funky phrase to scribble on the black board when the teacher’s not looking

– An hour’s sun

This is an easy DIY. All you have to do is place your board inside your tote, and fold the edges of the bag around the sides of the board. Now dip your paintbrush in that dangerously dark solution and paint away ! Just slap it on roughly : the messier the edges, the better the look, I think.

Leave the paint to dry in the sun for about an hour and repeat. When both coats are fully dry (a good few hours in the sun), remove the board from inside the tote. You will find the paint has sunk through the canvas. The board makes the fabric easier to paint but also protects the other side of the bag. The paint will have stuck the board to the bag but just tugg at it a little and it should peel off easily. Remove any remaining cardboard and voilà ! You can now use the chalk to draw or write on your tote bag. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, just wipe the chalk off the bag with a damp cloth and try again. You can change your statement as often as you like – just make sure you don’t let anybody get hold of it or you could end up walking around with “I’m with stupid” on the side of your bag !

– Sweatshirt : Bershka

– Silk tee : Pepe Jeans

– Shoes : Golddigga

– Jeans : Levi’s Curve ID

– Tote : Clones ‘n’ Clowns

– Sunnies : Monki Olive in light pink & silver

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  1. What a great idea! This is sooooo super cute!

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