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May 22, 2012

DIY : Hippy Flower Headband // Serre-tête à Fleurs

I don’t know if this is a wedding DIY, a festival DIY or just a summery DIY – let’s say all three. I have noticed these easy-to-make head bands in places like Topshop and River Island and think they’re so much better than an elastic flowery headband. They stay put and fit around your head perfectly, you can wrap your hair up in them or wear it down and most of all decorate them with whatever you like ! Knowing me I’ll be making all sorts this season, but here goes my 1st try.

Je ne saurais pas dire si ce tuto se prête aux mariages, aux festivals ou simplement à l’été – disons aux trois. J’ai remarqué ces serre-têtes rigides chez Topshop et River Island et j’aime beaucoup la façon dont elles se posent sur la tête et ne BOUGENT PLUS ! Très pratique pour une jolie coiffure estivale et facile à customiser. Je vais sans doute en créer de plus farfelus au cours de la saison, mais voilà un premier essai tout simple.

To make your own Hippy Flower Headband, YOU WILL NOT NEED Glue / A needle / Sellotape / To be very clever

Pour créer ton propre Serre-tête à Fleurs, IL NE TE FAUDRA PAS de Colle / d’Aiguille / de Scotch / beaucoup d’intelligence

However, you WILL need : Garden wire, ribbon (approx 2m) and a few clip on flowers (hair accessories sold eeeeverywhere)

Cependant, il vous FAUDRA : Du fil de fer, du ruban (env. 2m) et quelques fleurs à clip (accessoire de cheveux en vente paaaartout)

All you need to do is wrap your wire into a circle the size of your head (measure from top of head to top of neck for a nice fit). Clip the ribbon into the wound wire and start wrapping around the hoop. Complete the whole hoop and clip the end of the ribbon into place with your first flower clip. Place the other flowers. DONE !

Fais un anneau avec ton fil de fer, allant depuis le haut de la tête jusque dans le creux de la nuque. Entortille le fil pour fermer l’anneau. Passe le bout du ruban dans le fer entortillé et commence à passer le ruban autour de l’anneau. Continuer jusqu’au bout et sécuriser l’autre extrémité du ruban à l’aide d’un premier clip. Mettez les autres fleurs en place. FINI !


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April 17, 2012

DIY : Net & Feather Fascinator headband // Bandeau à Plume & Tulle

I could start this post introducing wedding season. But I’m not invited to any weddings. I could also talk about the approach of the Jubilee, but I should probably keep that one for a month. How about the fact that hair accessories are becoming more and more extravagant by the minute ?! Now that’s more like it ! I don’t think this DIY should be specific to weddings or Jubilees, I think you should pull it off on an ordinary night out ! That’s partly why I think having a fascinator on a headband makes it more fun, you can wear it like a hairband but also like a hippy, or even wrap your hair up inside it for more of a post-war look.

Je devrais commencer ce poste à parler de l’approche des mariages ou du Jubilee.. Mais je trouve que les accessoires de cheveux deviennent tellement plus extravagant chaque année que ce type de bandeau peut désormais être porté pour une simple soirée ! Le bandeau remplace le serre-tête pour une utilisation plus adaptable, autour des cheveux en hippy ou même avec les cheveux enroulés façon post-guerre.

To make your own Net & Feather Fascinator Headband, YOU WILL NEED :

Pour créer votre propre Bandeau à Plumes & Tulle, VOUS AUREZ BESOIN DE :

– An elastic headband, make your own here / Un bandeau, suis ce tuto pour le créer toi même

– Net (you can use the net off a bag of lemons !) / Du tulle (ou un sac de citrons !)

– A feather or two / Une ou deux plumes

– Needle & thread / Du fil et une aiguille

– A sprinkle of flatbacks / Quelques strass

– Fabric glue / De la colle à tissu

– A gorgeously red gloss to finish that fancy look / Un rouge à lèvres bien rouge pour parfaire le style !

Do it yourself :

Toi-même tu sais faire :

First of all cut off the ends of your lemon bag. Ruche the net the way you like, so that you have some net coming over your face but also shorter bits closer to the headband. Wrap some cotton tightly around the top of the net where it’s gathered. Sew there gathered net to the headband. Sew or glue your feathers over the top. Add your sparkling flatbacks with a touch of glue. Smother your lips in bright red glamour and pout !

Tout d’abord, coupez votre sac de citrons de chaque côté. Pliez le tulle de la façon que vous souhaitez en essayant d’avoir des morceaux plus longs devant et plus courts sur les côtés. Enroulez le tulle plié avec du coton et coudre sur le bandeau. Coller ou coudre les plumes sur le bandeau par-dessus le tulle. Ajoutez quelques strass à la colle, recouvrez vos lèvres de rouge et jouez la glamour !


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April 10, 2012

DIY : Headbands // Bandeaux faits maison

Did you know you could easily make a headband out of any ribbon or trimming you have lying around ?! And when I say “you”, I mean YOU ! Whoever you are ! This is one of the easiest DIYs EVER – trust me ! I spent more time writing this than I did making these three headbands – true story.

Saviez-vous que vous pouvez créer vos propres bandeaux chez vous avec n’importe quel ruban qui traîne ? Même si vous n’avez pas l’habitude de bricoler ! Voici l’un des tutos les plus simples que j’aurais pu vous fournir. J’ai passé plus de temps à rédiger l’article qu’à créer ces trois bandeaux !

To make your own homemade headband, YOU WILL NEED :

– Ribbon or other trimmings. Du ruban.

– 10 cm of elastic (approx, use your head – literally !). 10cm d’élastique (env. selon la taille de votre tête !)

– A needle and thread. Une aiguille et du fil.

– A few cm extra ribbon. Quelques cm supplémentaires de ruban.

– Fabric glue. De la colle à tissu.

Here’s how to do it yourself :

Toi-même tu sais faire :

Basically, you sew your ribbon to the elastic on both ends. Make this just a little smaller than the size of your head so that when you wear it the elastic is pulling slightly to keep it on. To cover up the stitching, glue a smaller piece of ribbon around the stitched patch. Done !

Tout ce que vous devez faire est coudre votre ruban sur votre élastique à chaque extrêmité. Créez un bandeau un peu plus petit que votre tête, de façon à ce qu’il tienne grâce à l’élastique qui tire légèrement. Collez un dernier morceau de ruban par-dessus la partie cousue. Terminé !

Have fun making these, they’re great for adding a bit of colour or adventure to an outfit without breaking the bank or taking ages to make !

Eclatez-vous à créer des bandeaux de toutes sortes, il n’y a rien de mieux pour égayer une tenue sans trop dépenser ni trop travailler !

Keep reading !


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April 9, 2012

DIY : Easter Ribbon Hair Pin

There’s just something about Easter Egg ribbon… It always makes the perfect bow !


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April 7, 2012

Lookbook : Flowers in my hair

I promised some photos from sunny France, here they are !

– Flower hairband by H&M

– Blouse by IKKS

– Jeans by Replay

– Ballerinas by Les Tropéziennes

– Jacket : an old friend

– Necklace by Clones ‘n’ Clowns


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April 6, 2012

DIY Pearl hair piece

Pearls are sprinkled everywhere this year, pretty and precious. Chanel’s inspiring Karl Lagerfeld included a large number of pearls in his S/S 12 fashion shows and often times these were used to embellish the models’ hair-do’s. I will be doing some simple pearl hair-pins for you soon, but after so long off DIYing, I felt like making something a little more creative this time… So, I had a good dig around and sorted through the numerous pearl beads I had stashed away :

Realizing I had many different shapes and forms of pearl beads, I decided to make an elaborate pearl hair piece : )

To make your own Pearl Hair Piece, YOU WILL NEED :

– A selection of pretty pearls

– Some waxed bead thread

– A hair grip

– A bobby pin

– Fabric glue

– A couple of hours’ creativeness

– A calm classical piece of music for extra inspiration

Here goes the tutorial :

First of all, tie your bead thread to the hair grip. You don’t have to use every hole, depending on how large your beads are. Push your beads up the thread, one strand after the other, making them shorter towards the top and slightly longer towards the bottom for extra shape. Tie the other end of the thread to the bobby pin. Double knot. Cut off the remaining thread and use fabric glue or craft glue to glue a few pearls over the top of the grip to hide the holes and knots. There you have it !

And the result :

Hope you like it ! Keep reading,


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March 7, 2012

Hula Hair

Yesterday was my very first Hoopdance class in Hackney, and boy was I excited ! I had hula hooped once before, and of course a few times as a child, but apart from that small amount of experience, I was (and still am) a total NEWBIE. The class was super welcoming and I enjoyed myself although I usually tend to have a shy disposition when amongst a new group. To make sure I wasn’t over-timid and did feel confident enough to mingle, I had prepared a special Hula Look for the occasion. I’d done a lot of research about Hooping in London and came to realise that it is a colorful and friendly world. Hoopers do not hesitate to pile on the body glitter or whip out their secret weapon : LED hoops that light up in the dark and create amazingly abstract and temporary art as they dance. On a more regular basis, quirky Hoopers tend to simply wear bright clothes and a massive grin on their face. So I went for that option to start off with.

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