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June 1, 2012

Editorial: JUNE – Bring on Summer !

As you may have noticed, the month of June kicks off with celebrations galore ! I have spent a good couple of days DIYing the Jubilee outfit I will be sporting this week-end and the whole of England is preparing for a 4 day bank holiday – yippee ! For the rest of you out there, you probably have more days off than we do in England anyway and you Yankees have July 4th coming up soon ! I’ll get some DIYed shorts sorted for you guys too ; )

So as I was saying : summer celebrations. And that’s about it really, that’s exactly the point I wish to make in this second editorial. Let’s make this whole month of June one entire celebration ! A Summer party, a time for exchanging, lazing around as well as jumping about, reading, writing, thinking, dreaming, creating… And maybe even trying your first DIY project ?!

Once again, I’ll be trying my best to bring you quality trendspotting, inspirational outfits and original DIY tutorials so that Clones ‘n’ Clowns becomes a place you LOVE passing by. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, a message on my Facebook page or sending me an email on

Thank you for reading !



May 27, 2012

Outfit : Ballooooons

Making a DIY gift is even more satisfying than making something for yourself… Topped off with a few pastel balloons and swirly ribbons : HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Offrir un accessoire fait maison c’est encore mieux que le porter soi-même… Quelques ballons pour porter le bracelet et GO GO GO !

– Mint slim / slim menthe by H&M

– Tee shirt by Promod

– Levi’s Jacket / Veste Levi’s : Vintage (Camden market), seen here

 – Shoes / Chaussures by Lollipops Paris

– Bracelet by Clones ‘n’ Clowns

– Necklace / Collier : Vintage (and yes, the purse OPENS !)

– Sunnies / Lunettes by Monki

Taking the tube to get to the party ? A colorful event !

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