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June 28, 2012

DIY : Braided chain necklace // Collier en chaîne tressée

This is a DIY I’ve been meaning to do for ages, I just didn’t get round to buying the chains… Until this morning when I wandered into my local charity shop and found THESE ! “They’re perfect”, I squeeled. And we lived happily ever after.

Voici un DIY que je voulais faire depuis longtemps, mais je ne prenais jamais le temps d’acheter les chaînes… Jusqu’à ce que je rentre dans une frip’ locale ce matin pour tomber sur ces deux colliers parfaits ! 

How to make your own DIY Braided chain necklace, YOU WILL NEED :

Pour créer ton propre Collier en chaîne tressée, IL TE FAUDRA :

– Two chains of about 50cm/19″ with necklace findings on each end of one of them / Deux chaînes d’une longueur de 50cm environ avec attaches au bout de l’une d’entre elles

– 8-10 lengths of embroidery thread 120cm/50″ long / 8 à 10 fils à broder d’une longueur de 120cm

Here is how to do it yourself / Toi-même tu sais faire :

1 : Tie the thread in one big knot to the first link of one chain. Seperate your thread into two sections.

/ Nouer les fils à la première maille d’une des chaînes. Séparer les fils en deux parties.

2 : Start to braid the thread and chain. Use the chain as if it were the third section, always poking the sections of thread up from underneath.

/ Tresser les fils avec la chaîne. Utiliser la chaîne comme un troisième fil, passant les deux autres à travers les anneaux du bas vers le haut.

3 : About 8-10 links in, add in your second chain. Now you are including the second chain as if it wasn’t there, just taking the left hand thread through it each time you fold it over.

/ Après 8-10 mailles tressées, ajouter la deuxième chaîne et continuer à tresser en pasant le fil de gauche à travers la nouvelle chaîne à chaque fois.

4 : After a good 5-7 links, exclude the second chain again, continuing the braid with the two thread section + the 1st chain.

/ Après 5-7 mailles, exclure la deuxième chaîne de nouveau. Continuer à tresser comme au début, avec les deux ensembles de fils et la 1ère chaîne.

5 : Lay the necklace down flat and braid the 2nd chain back in symetrically (see photo 5)

/ Coucher le collier à plat et réinclure la 2ème chaîne symétriquement (voir photo 5)

6 : Continue to braid with both chains until the 2nd chain runs out. Carry on with the one chain until you reach the end. Knot and cut ends.

/ Continuer à tresser avec les deux chaînes jusqu’à ce que la 2ème s’épuise. Poursuivre avec une seule chaîne jusqu’au bout. Nouer et couper les fils restant.

When you get good at this, why not do the same on the bottom of the 2nd chain and include a 3rd tier ?

Une fois que vous êtes pro, tentez de retresser en-dessous de la 2ème chaîne pour ajouter une 3ème !


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April 16, 2012

Shopping : Charity Choice April 2012

Creative fashion is not only about DIYing but also about having fun with your style wherever your clothes were purchased. Fashion is about expressing yourself through what you wear and playing with clothes and accessories to fit your mood, an event or even your general personality. When looking for inspiration, the high-street can become a little hypnotizing and you may find it difficult thinking about the clothes you have at home to mix and match with your potential purchase or even find you end up buying things you wouldn’t normally dream of wearing. Of course shops have a million ways of making this happen, starting with the brain washing lights and music and the abundance of clothes in the depth of their shop. So, sometimes it’s nice to shop in new places, places that will inspire you to create yourself rather than beg someone helplessly to take your money and tell you what to wear ; ) A great place to go for a bit of something different is your local charity shop. The charity could be for cancer, it could be for the homeless it could be for the RSPCA like mine is. Whatever the cause it’s definitely a good one : retail therapy for next to nothing !

Take a look at what I found in my local RSPCA shop this month, for a total of UNDER £20 !

Necklace : I like this as it is so I will probably wear it a couple of times before it sees some serious DIYing – I have plans for you my precious !

Leotard : I once fell head over heels for a Manoush poncho with fringes all over but unfortunately couldn’t afford it. It will always be in my ♥… But now this leotard will be on my back !

Cuff : Spot on this season with multiple chains ! Love it !

Wedges : Originally bought in Zara, these wooden wedge pumps are still in great condition. I wouldn’t really buy shoes in a second hand shop but these look almost new, cost me £5 and fit perfectly…

Belt : A metallic soft leather belt from Topshop – bargain baby !

Have you recently had any successful charity shopping sprees ?


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