Once upon a time…

…There was Difference. Difference was young, pretty and full of energy. Her long blonde hair would bounce along with her favorite music and her colorful clothes, buttons and ribbons made her stand out like a rainbow on a rainy day. Now, Difference had a hobby. Her favorite thing to do was people watch, and she would sit for hours a day at the corner of a café, just watching people pass by and imagining what Life would bring to them that day. She would think up many wonderful stories and in her imagination people would live the most fascinating experiences. Difference would gaze up into the sky giggling to herself and wishing people secret surprises and before she knew it, it was time to pack up and stop day-dreaming. As Difference stepped out of the café and into the street, she couldn’t help but notice people looking at her too. She never minded, however, as she thought people must have been wishing her adventures and unexpected events just as she had them. From time to time she would even mess around giving clever hints to who she really was and where she was going. Only, after a while, Difference started to feel uncomfortable. It is not that she refused for others to look at her the way she did them, only, it seemed there was more to their stare than just a dream… One day, on her way home, Difference had felt so uncomfortable from the eyes that shot her way, that she did not return to the café the next morning. Nor the next. And so on for three weeks. The day Difference did pop out, not even her neighbors had recognized her. Difference had walked along her daily route without the slightest acknowledgment, for she did not look her bubbly self. Difference had changed. Her long blonde hair had become a mousy brown bob and she was wearing slim black jeans and a suit jacket. Her heels were no longer surprisingly high but instead highly unnoticeable, and her handbag was a meer place to put her see through gloss. Many shallow minds may have thought she looked “smart”, or “tidy”, but, had you seen the look on her face, the appropriate word was “sad”. As she walked down the street, Difference looked down, listening to the monotone “clack clack clack” she made as she walked. Her eyes did not meet and her lips did not smile. When Difference walked past the café, she sighed and carried on her way. Her next stop was the high street where nobody, not anybody, looked her way. The street was busy and inundated with the sound of heels and carrier bags. Instead of a buzz, however, Difference felt like her heart was in the bottom of her wooly black socks. For she was about to do something she had never done before. On the count of three, Difference walked into the biggest shop on the street, the one with a red sign hanging over it and two odd initials scribbled on each window. I cannot tell you what happened after Difference walked through those shiny doors. You see, once she walked in, she never came out. Or at least nobody ever saw her come out – for each shopper looked exactly like the last. Like Clones.

8 Comments to “Once upon a time…”

  1. What a sad thought! Here’s to adventures and unexpected events 🙂

  2. If I had to comment all articles that I like on your blog, I will comment each…
    So inspiring… Thanks for all your good ideas!


  3. So so true … unfortunately. How to stop this??

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