Lookbook : Nearest thing

Summer style is all about grabbing the nearest thing and throwing it on… right ? I just so happened to be lying next to my neon pink top and bellerinas as well as a perfectly matching skirt ! Luck ! ; )

En été, on met la première chose qui nous tombe sous la main, non ? Il s’avère que je dormais pile à côté de mon top et mes ballerines roses fluo ainsi qu’une jupe parfaitement assortie… Quel heureux hazard ! ; )

– Neon top by H&M

– Aztec skirt / jupe : “Fashion against Aids” by H&M also seen here

– Neon flats / ballerines by GAP

– Sunnies : old ♥

– – – – – –

7 Comments to “Lookbook : Nearest thing”

  1. That top looks comfy and cute! And I like your bangs 🙂


  2. I love following you……I have kids N grandkids who LUV making new styles from ole stuff AND old styles from new stuff!,,,,, and like you “CREATIVITY” thats whats its all about!!!!! Wish I had a lot more time and energy for creativity AND FOR following the “CREATERS”,,,,,,love ur stuff all of it 😉

  3. I’m new on your blog and I’m stunned! I came across Thanks, I made it and I’m so glad because i love your blog! following on bloglovin 😉 xoxo, V.

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