DIY : Union Jack Cut Off Shorts

As I explained yesterday before blinging up some glitzy accessories, I’m going for a rock chick look this bank holiday week-end and will be attending the Battersea Jubilee party in my DIY outfit. However, a national holiday look would be incomplete without the good old Union Jack ! I thought of a few different DIYs included the flag, like a union jack tutu skirt or maxi skirt or even a union jack onesie ! I finally decided to go for a rough print union jack printed on some cut-offs jeans – a pair I might even wear over the summer, especially during the Olympic events. If you fancy making yourself a pair, you’ll find it’s more than easy – give it a go !

To make a pair of Union Jack Cut Off Shorts, YOU WILL NEED :

– A pair of jeans cut into shorts, a pair of denim shorts or any other blue shorts

– Red and White/Silver acrylic paint

– A sponge (mine was approx 7x6cm)

– About 10min to paint + 24h to dry

Here is how to do it yourself  (if you’re confused about which sponge size is which, read the steps below too) :

1 : Cut off your shorts if needed

2 : Cover the whole sponge in white/silver paint and stamp a cross on the whole of the shorts. Add extra paint to the sponge when needed. Don’t worry about the printing being irregular, it’s that rough effect we’re going for !

3 : Cut your sponge 1/3 * 2/3 so that you end up with two unequal sponges.

4 : Cover the larger sponge of the two new sections with white/silver paint and paint a slanted cross over the top of the first cross.

5 : Cover the same sponge in red paint and make your vertical/horizontal cross over the top of the white one.

6 : Use the smaller sponge section, cover it in red paint and make your second slanted cross over the top of the white one.

7 : Leave to dry and wear in style : )

Note : acrylic paint doesn’t come off in the wash ! But if you want to keep your union jack looking good wash as little as possible and try to hand wash – either way though, I’m afraid they will not last forever !

So I’m nearly ready for the Jubilee festivities…

Check in tomorrow to see what I’ll be wearing on top !

Edit : See my Facebook page for a peek at the DIY top I made with Lydia Leith‘s Jubilee bird design !

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11 Responses to “DIY : Union Jack Cut Off Shorts”

  1. Those shorts are seriously awesome!

  2. Love the shorts! I just read on another blog that coating the paint in fabric Mod Podge may make the paint stay on longer 🙂

  3. Waaauw! Will the paint not get out in the washing?


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