Editorial : MAY – Let’s set this blog on FIRE

Dear readers,

In my opinion, periodic editorials should not be lost with the decline of paper magazines. They allow editors to set goals and themes as well as involving their readers. On Clones ‘n’ Clowns, I will be posting a monthly editorial letting you know what exciting things are going on with this blog and also setting the mood for the upcoming month.

May is one of my favorite months of the year. People are happy in May, people smile, people relax, the sun is out in most places and on the fashion front people start to have more FUN with colours, layers and lengths. Spring trends have been flying around the web for months now and hopefully some of the posts I have written have helped you prepare. Now May is here, we should be able to pull on those cut-off shorts and wear a dip dye tee under a sleeveless denim jacket without shivering or getting soaked. However, whilst we wear our pastel slacks and hi-lo tops, our eyes will once again be set in the future and  Clones ‘n’ Clowns will start taking a closer look at upcoming Summer trends and outfits.

As you may have noticed, my blog has become more and more organized over the past few weeks and from now on I will be sticking to four main subjects most of the time :

Trendspotting : taking a look at what’s out there and brainstorming the do’s, don’t’s and how to’s.

Outfits : sharing my personal choices and including homemade gear in everyday wear

DIY : regular crafty posts on how to make you own fashion – seem to be reader’s fav’ so far !

Shopping : ‘fessing up to my shopaholic crimes…

I truly hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog, which brings me to my final point. The THANK YOU part. So many of you have visited this two-month old blog already and I have been receiving a fair amount of flattering feedback. It feels so great to be sending something out there and getting so much back from it.

My promise to you this month is to keep on post quality information on a regular basis, making Clones ‘n’ Clowns a place YOU will ENJOY in your free time. You may like to follow me on Facebook, bloglovin’ or twitter, or simply keep stopping by. However you chose to follow Clones ‘n’ Clowns, do it because you LIKE it. If you know somebody who would like it too, share the love ! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s set this blog on FIRE. 


– – – – – –

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