Trendspotting : Colour blocking vs Colour shocking

There’s no denying colour blocking is at its peak this year and personally I’m loving the colorful parades. However, you know Fashion, it’s always about taking things that little bit further… Whereas the Spring advice seemed to be mix and match pastels / neons and primaries, things seem to have moved on swiftly and the fashion savvies are become more daring by the minute. You know what I’m getting at (because I wrote it in the title…) so without further ado let us come to the evolution of this trend and main theme of this post : COLOUR SHOCKING.

Il n’y a rien à dire, le colour block c’est la mode. Mais plus ça va, plus on atteint des extrêmes… En début de saison on nous parlait de réveiller des looks pastels avec un coup de néon, maintenant c’est carrément le mélange des couleurs vives : le COLOUR SHOCKING.


You heard me, I said Colour Shocking. Or rather Color Shocking if you’re from the U.S.A. (no harm in a little discreet SEO). This is the art of colour blocking with bright and bold colours and sometimes even colours you would never even dream of putting together. Well, style is 90% commitment as they say and this one definitely takes audacity.

Le Colour Shocking c’est l’art d’assembler plusieurs couleurs vives dans une même tenue. Il se fait même de créer des assemblages jusqu’alors interdites par la jurisprudence de la mode ! Comme quoi, il suffit d’assumer ses choix…

WHO ?!

Designers, models, celebs, bloggers and fashionistas in general seem to be coming onto this trend whether they’ve noticed themselves or not. The high street’s full of bright slacks and slims and the more colour you slap on… the crazier you look. Meaning some people get it right, and some people miserably fail.

Les stylistes, mannequins, stars, bloggeuses et fashionistas portent toutes les couleurs de l’arc en ciel et les magasins sont bondés de vêtements unis mais colorés !

DO’s ‘n’ DON’Ts !

Having just said some people get this trend terribly wrong, I now feel embarrassed sharing do’s ‘n’ don’ts. Obviously this needs your personal touch and I’m not necessarily a reference as I don’t actually colour shock that much (yet). Having kept my eyes peeled over the past few weeks, I do however have a few suggestions :

A chacun ses goûts, mais voici quelques suggestions :

* Try to give a theme to your colour shocking. Just as you may colour block nude and neon, colour shock similar colours. This is where the trend gets surprising as it actually seems to look much better when you go for a monochrome outfit.

/ Essayez de respecter un thème et assemblez des couleurs du même ton. C’est ce qu’il y’a de plus étonnant avec cette tendance : on peut porter une tenue quasi-monochrome.

* Don’t be afraid to clash. Basically I reckon this and the ombré trend go hand in hand and they’re definitely both oh so Twenty-Twelve. So wear red trousers with a pink top – so what ?! That’s what it’s all about.

/ N’ayez pas peur des couleurs qui jurent. Cette tendance est similaire à la tendance “ombré”, on opte pour le dégradé so Twenty-Twelve.

* Use EVERYTHING. By this I mean include you accessories, shoes, trousers, nails, lips, hair, top, sweater, belt, socks and anything else you’re wearing into your outfit and USE it to complete the look.

/ Servez-vous de tout ce que vous portez pour contribuer à ce look. Chaque détail compte !

* On the other hand, eliminate anything that does not complete the look. However bold the colours, colourblocking or colourshocking is quite minimalistic when it comes down to the quantity of garments and accessories you want to wear to get it spot on. Don’t make it too busy or you’ll get a headache !

/ Eliminez tout ce qui, au contraire, ne contribut rien au look. Malgré les couleurs vives, le colour shocking, comme d’ailleurs le colour blocking, reste un style minimaliste qui repose simplement sur l’assemblage de grosses zones de couleur – le reste : on enlève !


I’m definitely going to give it a shot, so watch out for an upcoming outfit post and wish me LUCK !

Je vais tenter le coup, oui ! Restez attentifs, photos à venir !


– – – – – –

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