How many wonders can one cavern hold ?

Just when you think you’ve grown up a little, a brand new toy comes along. I’ve been having an amazing time messing around with my Olympus XZ-1 camera this past week and seem to be taking sneaky snaps of everything. Some of them are useless but some of them come out great and I think this was the case for the short set of photos I stole from my local “General Shop”. Isn’t that a great name ?! You wouldn’t really know what is in a “General Shop” unless you walked in, would you ? And to be honest you wouldn’t really walk in unless you were looking for something you had no luck finding in “Specific Shops” ! Well that’s how long it took me to find out what was inside this wonderful trove. To my pleasant surprise I found exactly what I needed and more – teasures untold, thingamabobs, gadgets and whozits galore !

Isn’t it fascinating ?! I could have bought the whole place just so I had time to go through it piece by piece ! Unfortunately, all I needed were a few hooks, and they were just as easy to find as they were to put up !

Bye for now !


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2 Responses to “How many wonders can one cavern hold ?”

  1. Amazing! The photos are great and good job with the hooks! ❤


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