Slave 4 U – DIY Twin Cuffs

One of the biggest trends this S/S is the metal cuff. And even bigger than the metal cuff is the PAIR of metal cuffs.

I call them slave cuffs and they are definitely a Fashion Must-Have this summer, they’re everywhere, on everyone, and best of all, they look RAD.

You can buy cuffs in pairs in a lot of shops already or even just buy a couple of identical bracelets if you come across one you particularly like. Wear them around your wrists for rock’n’roll fists or wrap them around your ankles if you’re more of an ethnic chick – pull on your bleached denim shorts or a long hippy dress and we’re talking HOT.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty or want a style you can’t find on the high street, here’s a quick and easy tutorial to making your own twin cuffs – and it’s a saver too !

To make your own Twin Cuffs, YOU WILL NEED :

– 1 block of FIMO, colour of your choice but make sure it won’t show through the paint

– Spray Paint (I used Chrome Effect)

– 30 min + 30 min cooking time + appropriate drying time

First of all, half your FIMO. One half should be enough for one cuff. Warm up the block of FIMO, rubbing it between your hands, until it’s nice and smooth. Roll it out using a water glass or rolling pin. Cut out the cuff shape you need using a knife. I did a very basic style because I wanted something bold, but remember the sky’s the limit !

Do the same with the other half of FIMO and then wrap each shape around a glass ready to cook. Make sure the glass is just about your wrist shape, a little larger maybe to really get that heavy cuff effect. I used slanted glasses to create a cone effect, just like slave cuffs worn by the Genie in Aladdin ; )

Cook your FIMO for 30 min at 110°. Wait for it to cool down COMPLETELY. I waited overnight (don’t you just hate it when DIY tutorials encourage you to be patient ?!).

Next comes the fun part… SPRAY PAINT !

TIP : Don’t worry about how smooth you make them. If your cuffs are a little warped or scratched it’ll only make the silver look more authentic. If the knife leaves its mark that’s OK too – I like the way it looks on mine (see of cuff 2 on last photo).

Cover ’em up with shiny paint and leave them to dry for a few minutes before turning them over and spraying the other edge. Then leave to dry thoroughly (a good few hours I’m afraid !), WEAR, ENJOY, and keep reading my blog.


P.S. If you find you like making bracelets with FIMO & spray paint, give this one a go : DreamCreate’s Starfish Cuff.

4 Responses to “Slave 4 U – DIY Twin Cuffs”

  1. Awesome cuff idea! And thanks for the shout out!

  2. Very cool idea, and the fimo seems like a great material because they won’t be super heavy. I thought they were metal!


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