10 photos of Paris my way

I often travel to Paris and so don’t necessarily visit all the expected spots when I’m there. This time I actually would have liked to visit the Tim Burton exhibition, but unfortunately didn’t have time. I did make the most of my stay, however, in my own special way !

I arrived in the evening and shot straight off for my favorite walk from Paris 3ème (photo 1) all the way to Opéra Garnier (photo 2). I then grabbed something to eat in a nearby sea-food restaurant (check out their takeaway booth photo 3). Then I did some nighttime shopping in Monoprix – Mavala top-up time (photos 4) ! The next day I took a stroll across the center at dawn, loving having the city all to myself (photo 5). I even came across a “pop up shop” (photo 6). What a good idea to give smaller brands a bigger chance : ) I came across some beautiful street art that morning too (photos 7, 8, 9) and bought some delish choccy from Newtree (photo 10).


Photo 1 : The twilight buzz near Grands Boulevards…


Photo 2 : My Number One spot to people watch – sit on the Opéra Garnier steps and watch people from all around the world !


Photo 3 : Snazzy take-away near Bonne Nouvelle !


Photo 4 : Mavala galore ! Which ones did I pick ?! Coming soon…


Photo 5 : A beautiful morning on Rue des Gravilliers, Paris 3ème.


Photo 6 : Daniel Crémieux in a Pop Up Shop, North Marais.


Photo 7 : A sign of happiness.


Photo 8 : “Alerte à la Bombe” (Bomb/Babe Alert) spray paint street-art by Miss.Tic, near the Butte aux Cailles.


Photo 9 : “Un homme peut en cacher un autre” (One man may hide another) spray paint street-art by Miss.Tic, also near the Butte aux Cailles.

Photo 10 : Y.U.M.M.Y.

Coming soon on Clones ‘n’ Clowns : Back to fashion with my DIY Walk of Fame wedges ! Keep reading !


One Comment to “10 photos of Paris my way”

  1. Ahh Paris, always such a photogenic city, and a very Chocolate City at that! Thanks for the lovely post.

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