Hula Hair

Yesterday was my very first Hoopdance class in Hackney, and boy was I excited ! I had hula hooped once before, and of course a few times as a child, but apart from that small amount of experience, I was (and still am) a total NEWBIE. The class was super welcoming and I enjoyed myself although I usually tend to have a shy disposition when amongst a new group. To make sure I wasn’t over-timid and did feel confident enough to mingle, I had prepared a special Hula Look for the occasion. I’d done a lot of research about Hooping in London and came to realise that it is a colorful and friendly world. Hoopers do not hesitate to pile on the body glitter or whip out their secret weapon : LED hoops that light up in the dark and create amazingly abstract and temporary art as they dance. On a more regular basis, quirky Hoopers tend to simply wear bright clothes and a massive grin on their face. So I went for that option to start off with. Although I am not as well equipped as a lot of them in terms of zappy outfits, I did manage to add a little colour to my (shameful) performance. Hoopdancing is all about twisting and turning, so I figured it would be nice to make something of my hair. I always love it when dancers’ long hair swishes around following their body. I decided I would undoubtedly need my own hair in a pony tail on this particular occasion, to make sure it was out of the way whilst I got the grip, but I still added a little something to the generally boring updo… Ribbons. Bright Orange Ribbons. Oh, how I LOVE RIBBONS. As you will come to notice, if you keep reading my blog, I genuinely have an obsession with them. Feminine and soft, yet as colourful or as subtle as you wish, ribbons can be added to almost ANY outfit. So along with my grey M&S leggings and my black IKKS slip, I wore brightly coloured ribbons entwined in my hair. And for an hour and a half in a barn near Hackney Central, they whirled and swirled and made me proud.

Tutorial on how to add ribbon to your regular pony tail coming soon.

To find out more about Hula Hoop / Hoopdance lessons in London, request to join the group “Hula Hoop London” on Facebook.

Oh, and… Keep reading my blog.


2 Comments to “Hula Hair”

  1. Hoola hooping is so fun! And definitely not just for kids. I went to a few concerts for a band called The String Cheese Incident, and everyone there was hooping. I actually ended up buying my own custom-decorated hoop after that. Haven’t used it in a while, but maybe it’s time to drag it back out. I’ll wait ’til I know how to appropriately style my hair 😉

    • Ooo – you should definitely give it another go ! Especially with the spring/summer season coming up, it’s a great way to spend sunny afternoons in the park ! Hope your hair looks fab when I put up the tutorial, keep me posted : ) xx

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