Clones and Clowns and Blogs, oh my !

Have you ever wanted to wear something but not “had the guts” ?

Have you ever wondered what other people would think if you did ?

Have you ever looked at someone with admiration and a pinch of jealousy ?

Was it because they were wearing something you would love to wear ? Or was it because they were daring something you would love to dare ?

Have you ever thought you can’t pull it off ?

Have you ever secretly thought it would suit you too ?

Have you ever wished you had more style ?

Have you ever cringed when a friend wants the same top or bag ? Then why do you shop in the same place as them ?

Have you tried anything different ? I repeat. Have you EVER EVEN TRIED something different ?

If your answer to this last question is no, then read my blog. If your answer to this is yes, then please keep it up and read my blog.

I hope that this blog will INSPIRE you.

Fashion is not about the latest Ready-to-Wear in a different color. There is nothing original about going for the same top as your friends but “in the blue”. Fashion is not about walking into that shop and buying exactly what was sold to you in the window. You will NOT find anything original in H&M. You will NOT be the only one wearing your brand-new-just-in Zara dress – because guess what ? It’s already sold out ! You will NOT have your own style if you walk into Amercian Apparel and put on exactly what you see on the saleswoman, and you’ll also look stupid because Baby, the 80′s are gone. Get over it.

If you’re looking to express yourself through your clothing, and I don’t necessarily mean by wearing the latest headline across your Tee, then you’re in the right place. Unique fashion isn’t all about having the brightest top or the shortest skirt or even the highest most colorful shoes, either. Fashion is an art and it is an art you can practice on yourself daily. Or even just occasionally. Fashion is the art of being yourself, and however much magazines ask us to be happy with ourselves these days, they are also suggesting we go buy our goods from exactly the same places as all the other readers.

Clones and clowns have two things in common. They all look the same, and they all look scary. But do not be fooled. Clones and Clowns are also very different creatures. Clones are clever. They manage to throw things together that look just right – just as they saw it on their peers that is. Clones look stylish (because they are after all coping someone else’s style), but they do not stand out as themselves. Clones take no risk. Clowns, however, take a lot of risk. And end up looking ridiculous for it. So : Clones have style, Clowns have guts. But neither one has it right… Mix the two together, however, and your the hottest heels in town ! A clever style and a daring edge – and you’re ready to walk the runway. Well, the high street.

Now, I’m not one of these Camden hippies who walk around juggling and buying rainbow flares. Fashion has its golden rules and I’m not one to break them. I love style, I love subtle style, and I love shopping. By all means, go to H&M. Go to Zara, go to TopShop. Go and enjoy the ride. But please, PLEASE, don’t come out of there totally brainwashed and thrilled by the most amazing sequin dress and shoes you bought and are going to wear together that same night. Go to those shops, but USE YOUR BRAIN. Buy the sequin dress, then dress it down with a pair of suede pumps and a home-made clutch. Or dress it up with wacky make-up and last summer’s high heels over tights. Whatever your style, whatever the event, make it special. Make it different. Do something UNUSUAL. Not weird, UNUSUAL. UNIQUE. YOU. The REAL you !

And if all else fails, keep reading my blog !


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